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“An extremely fine artist in his own rights with a color sense that is unexcelled. Loates is recognized as one of the finest printing artisans in the Western Hemisphere, if not the World. . .

Ronald Dodson, Audubon Scholar, reported in the Times Union.

M. Bernard Loates

As the founder of A Private Press, Bernard has always embraced the philosophy and work ethic of the private press movement. His pursuit of excellence in the field of publishing and art has garnered numerous awards and accolades in recognition of his talent.
Bernard’s work has taken him from the White House to 24 Sussex Avenue, including a series of television interviews and lecture tours of the universities in the United States.
Born in Toronto, Bernard grew up exploring the countryside of what is now the City of North York. With no formal education, through talent alone, Bernard became the personal Publisher of A.J. Casson, a member of the Group of Seven and a world recognized Master Lithographer and artist.
Both Casson and Bernard’s personal friendship with Bob and Signe McMichael who gave him uncompromised access to the McMichael Gallery’s Group of Seven artwork contributed to his passion for the Group of Seven and their art. This passion led Bernard to release a number of titles in the true private press manner.
Bernard has always taken full control of the creative process in his projects, from the initial concept down to final details, the vision has truly been his own.
Bernard also became the first Canadian to be honoured as Artist of the Year in the United States, and the City of Mobile, Alabama declared the 21st day of September,

M. Bernard Loates Day, accompanied by a key to the City.